Your AscensionPoint Recovery Services Phone Harassment Checklist:

  • Robocalling your cell phone without your permission
  • How to spot a robocall: silence, music, or clicking sounds before being connected to a live person
  • Robocalls early in the morning or late at night
  • Robocalling after you've asked AscensionPoint Recovery Services to stop calling
  • Stop the abuse. Once you've retained our firm, the debt collection calls will stop
  • Sue for violations of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. Recover $500 to $1,500 per call
  • Our legal help won't cost you a penny out of pocket; we don't get paid unless you win
If you’ve experienced any of these, you may have a case.

What consumers are saying...

They keep calling me nonstop about a debt I suppose. I have yet to answer and inquire as to the details but i would like to know if they are violating the FDCPA or the statue of limitations.
Djangel0919 From Norwalk,

Questions You Could Be Asking

Question: I've been encountering an excessive number of phone calls from banks like AscensionPoint Recovery Services what should I do? Answer: There're a lot of individuals who will understand the battle to pay back their indebtedness, and the frustration they feel when they are being hounded by their creditors. Often, these ploys are engaged to be intimidating however, they can be illegal. Make it stop, our team will help.
- Lemberg Law Team
Question: What's the best means of stopping calls from AscensionPoint Recovery Services? They are absolutely driving me nuts. Answer: It's not difficult for most Americans to grasp this dilemma. Not one person wants to tolerate constant telephone calls from abusive lending representatives. The great announcement I can offer you is this, you do not accept this. Call my staff today.
- Lemberg Law Team
Question: I take what I feel are an extreme number of phone calls from loan companies like AscensionPoint Recovery Services. Where do I find a law office who could help? Answer: You would have a hard time to find a law firm more seasoned than the one in my office. I am extraordinarily appreciative of the wonderful outcomes we've accomplished for our over 15,000 clients. If anything is bankable, we're prepared to fight for you too.
- Lemberg Law Team
Question: It is extremely aggravating while dealing with AscensionPoint Recovery Services. Do I need to change my cell phone number? Answer: I understand that phone calls from AscensionPoint Recovery Services upset you. Those agents sometimes seem robotic to communicate with someone devoid of sympathy. It's when they attempt to tear away at your self-respect with rude insults that they are inciting a phone call from our law firm. Stand up, my team's waiting to help you.
- Lemberg Law Team

What does debt abuse look like?

Here are some hypothetical examples of potential FDCPA or TCPA violations.
Imagine this situation: Carolyn is in her apartment putting her things away after returning home from a ski trip. She is stressed about how much money she spent while she was away shopping. She picks up a pile of mail waiting for her on her desk chair and spots that her truck repayment is way late. Worried, her cell phone rings and she grabs it out of her bag to answer. She listens to clicking sounds as if she's talking to a computer. Then a male voice comes on the line. It is her loan company, but she's too worried to work out a solution so she hangs up the phone. If you are receiving auto-dialed calls to your mobile phone from a collection agency, this might violate the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.
Let's have a look at this example: your best friend Arthur is recently laid off and is having a hard time getting adjusted. It is Tuesday, and you're dropping in his home to watch the big game. As you come in the garage, you see that he is on his cell phone and seeming upset. You get the impression that he is speaking to a loan company. As he hangs up you ask, "Is everything alright?" "No," he says, as he gets into how his auto loan is close to default and the calls are becoming more commonplace. You can see the stress in his eyes as he tells you, "The annoying part is they are using a computer to call me and I have to wait until a real person gets on the phone. I don't know for sure if they can do that on my cell phone." If you're getting auto-dialed phone calls to your cell phone from a collection agency that could be a violation of the Telephone Consumer Protection Act.